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The colors of the lines


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My name is Tiago

This collection of NFT's is a generative work that was designed on the desire to live and the ability to create visual emotions.


As I sat in front of my computer, I couldn't help but feel a rush of excitement as I opened up my digital art program. With an endless palette of colors at my fingertips, I began to mix and swirl the hues together, creating a beautiful array of shades. Picked up my stylus and, with a steady hand, began to lay down the first lines of my design. The lines, both thick and thin, curled and twisted across the screen, forming shapes and patterns. I experimented with different colors of lines, layering them on top of one another to create a sense of depth and movement. As the digital artwork took shape, my creativity soared. I felt a sense of freedom and joy as I brought my vision to life, letting my imagination run wild. The end result was a stunning work of visual art that was a true testament to the power of color, line, and design


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Why ?

      Life is a rainbow of emotions and experiences. Each color we see around us carries with it a unique meaning and sensation. Yellow is the color of joy and sunshine, while blue is the color of calm and serenity. Green represents life and growth, while red is the color of passion and energy. Together these colors form a vibrant and colorful picture of life. But what happens when life seems colorless? For many people who suffer from depression or other psychological problems, life can seem dull and meaningless. Colors fade and everything turns to gray. That's where colors can help. Studies show that exposure to bright, vivid colors can help improve mood and reduce anxiety and stress. The green of trees and plants can have a calming effect, while red can increase energy and excitement. Sky blue can bring peace and serenity, while yellow can bring joy and happiness. When you feel lost in a gray world, remember that colors are all around you, ready to help light your way. Feel the energy of red, the serenity of blue, the joy of yellow and the hope of green. Let the colors bring life back into your life and help heal your mind and soul.
     Remember, life is a vibrant picture of colors. Don't be afraid to give yourself permission to try them out and see how they can light your way.

      This collection is dedicated to all people who are looking for more color in their lives.

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Since joining professionally in 2013, I've worked hard to captivate and impress the artistic community. Much of my inspiration comes from personal experiences, the environment and cultures around the world. In this roadmap we will meet all the objectives outlined and we will continue to work on future projects.

1ª Stage

Dissemination and creation of the community

4ª Stage

Fund creation to ensure compliance with the script

7ª Stage

Website updates with new collection models and applications

2ª Stage

3ª Stage

Creation and mint of 20000 Ntf's

Auction creation for the remaining Ntf's

5ª Stage

6ª Stage

Donation 10% to charity institutions with psychological and mental problems

8ª Stage

Preparation and creation of the second volume of "The Colors of the lines V.2"

Development of social events with virtue in the help and happiness of those who see the grayest world.

9ª Stage

Continued growth and development of the blockchain ecosystem

Meet the Team

Two people who came together to create art with colors



Here are the frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

  • What is "The colors of the Lines"?
    Line Colors is a collection of 20,000 NFTs of uniquely styled art on the Ethereum blockchain subdivided into 18 themes each work of art has its own distinct traits and characteristics.
  • Where can i mint the NFT?
    Our NFTs can be minted exclusively on our website. Warning: As you may know, successful cryptocurrency and NFT projects attract scammers. Any assets minted outside of our website are potentially a fake. To play it safe, only mint our NFTs via our secure website. Please feel free to notify our team if you notice any suspicious activity on social media or while browsing the web.
  • When to release mint?
    Mint will start on 05/08/2023 at 8:00 pm (Lisbon time)
  • How will the minting process work?
    The minting process will be divided into 2 stages: 1st stage: around 10,000 NFT's will be released on 05/08/2023 2nd stage: around 10,000 NFT's will be released on 19/08/2023
  • What is the mint price?
    The set price will be 0.018 But due to volatility in the cryptocurrency market, the price of the currency may change.
  • How many NFT's are available?
    The initial collection has 20,000 unique NFT's.
  • Is there a limit to how many NFT's i can purchase?
    There will be a purchase limit to ensure fair distribution to all collectors. The limit will be 33 NFT's per person.
  • Can I trade or sell my NFT?
    Yes, once you own a "The Colors of the lines" NFT, you can trade or sell it on the designated marketplace.
  • How are the traits of each NFT determined?
    Each NFT has features randomly generated by each theme, each NFT is unique and no two are alike.
  • Is the mint opened to anyone?
    Yes. Remember that there is a limited amount of 20,000 NFTs available and that there will be 3 steps to initial minting: 1. Whitelist for project creators, sponsors and supporters in the construction of the project. 2. Whitelist: We will open a whitelist for 500 lucky people who will be able to mint 1h before it becomes public. Whitelist minting is limited to 1 asset per wallet, which means a maximum of 500 NFTs can be acquired during whitelist minting. 3. Public Mint: As soon as the whitelist is over, we will launch the public mint. Anyone can mint the remaining NFTs, with a limit of 33 assets per wallet. Remember that only 20,000 NFTs will be available in total.
  • How can i join the whitelist?
    There are 4 ways to join the whitelist: 1. Subscribe to our Newsletter: We will randomly select subscribers. 2. Join us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Reddit, Telegram, Discord and medium: We will provide whitelist spots to active members. 3. Contribute to the project: We will provide free whitelist spots to people demonstrating exceptional contribution to the project (blog post, youtube video, image/GIF creation, promotion on social media, bug hunting, etc.). 4. Collab/Partners: We will provide free whitelist spots to our partners (other NFT projects)
  • Shall we reveal?
    The NFT's will be revealed after 2 weeks at the mint or revealed after the 20,000 NFT's are minted.
  • Does everyone have the same chances of obtaining a rare NTF during the mint?
    Yes. Our collection is divided into 18 themes in which there are rare NFT for each theme and distributed equally. Users who purchase an NFT during the whitelist or public mint have exactly the same chances of obtaining a rare NFT.
  • Do i own full ownership of my minted NFT ?
    Yes. In addition to owning the NFT itself, you also own all intellectual property rights related to your NFT. You can therefore freely use it (social media, website, marketing materials, press, etc.).
  • Who is behind the project?
    We are a team of 2 people but this project had more people specialized in different areas who helped us and gave us tips for this project and for future projects.
  • Do you plan to participate in social causes and psychic problems?
    Yes. A portion of the revenue generated by NFTs will be donated to social organizations and psychological issues and used to raise public awareness of their abuse. All donations will be publicly disclosed.

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